The long life and resistance of teak decks is far more important today because of the new technologies of manufacturing and the bonding evolution. There is also new products but the tradition and the know how remain intact.


Teak deck


We offer a wide range of teak decks for new construction or refit. Our experienced installation team assembles decks by vacuum clamping or others techniques according to requirements.



Digitization results in customized drawings for validation, allowing us to deliver a high-precision premade decking. Our decks are manufactured with the most reliable marine products, certified to strict quality standards. Traceability throughout all operations provides the necessary guarantees for the product and its installation.

Cork deck


Cork is a very exceptionally suitable material for the decking:


  • Safe because naturally non-slip, with a wonderfully comfortable feel.
  • Never too cold in winter, and never too hot in summer.
  • Environmentally friendly with an easy maintenance.

Synthetic deck


Appeals for its beauty and creativity, also for ease of maintenance over a long period.