Unique know-how in the field of shipbuilding
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years experience in the high luxury yacht interiors and outfitting
Since 1979
A unique know-how in shipbuilding as well as woodworks and the composite.

Yachting Innovation has been serving leisure boats and superyachts for over 40 years. A complete control and knowledge: from the study and drawings to the high skilled cabinet making as well as the marine carpentry and new technologies for composite furniture or outfitting.

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Yachting Innovation's spirit has always been oriented towards new technologies and ecological solutions due to our R&D.

This combination, with our know-how, offer you a high luxury product, as well as a lifetime guarantee against rottennesses or corrosion. Our production, made with our light custom made sandwich panels, make your dreams comes true.
Our products dedicated to yachting

Composite Furniture,
interiors and Outfitting

Composite panels are a revolution in the concept and the manufacturing of interiors and outdoor layout.

Decking & Caulking

All premade teak deck production is today better than the traditional way due to it’s lifetime and mechanical performance as well as a new manufacturing process, new bonding and caulking product. We offer maintenance and decking repair, services and renovation of your deck and caulking seams with the best products on the market.

Our know how for villas and wellness areas

High-quality materials for floorings or interiors and outfitting.

We drop our high-tech knowledge from the Super Yachts activities into villas and pool house, wellness areas.


High quality raw materials, bio-sourced resin and fibres


Know-how from nautical engineering

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